Official Reports of Proceedings

Official Reports of Proceedings

The Tribunal may from time to time issue an Official Report of its proceedings if a particular case has broader significance.  An Official Report will contain the significant information but will have any identifying information about the particular patient removed.

The following Offical Reports have been issued:


[2022] NSWMHRT 1: Mr Anderson (Catchwords: Correctional patient, Secretary transfer order to mental health facility with person's consent)


[2021] NSWMHRT 1: Mr Zeigler (Catchwords: Detention in another place, group home)

[2021] NSWMHRT 3: Mr Campbell (Catchwords: 


[2020] NSWMHRT 1: Mr Vigo (Catchwords: Mental Health Act, transfer involuntary patient)

[2020] NSWMHRT 2: Ms Williams (Catchwords: 7 nights overnight leave; difference between leave and conditional release; COVID-19)

[2020] NSWMHRT 3: Ms Young(Catchwords: involuntary patient; Mental Health Act 2007; power of tribunal to transfer)


[2019] NSWMHRT 1: Mr Qadir (Catchwords: open hearings, public interest)

[2019] NSWMHRT 2: Mr Roberts (Catchwords: consent to publish name)

[2019] NSWMHRT 3: Ms Sullivan (Catchwords: mentally ill person, meaning of mental illness, anorexia nervosa, eating disorder)

[2019] NSWMHRT 4: Mr Turner (Catchwords: media, open hearings, public interest)

[2019] NSWMHRT 5: Mr Underhill (Catchwords: limiting term; transfer to specialist aged care; dementia; detention in specialist aged care)


[2018] NSWMHRT 1: Mr Murray (Catchwords: Unconditional Release, Serious Endangerment)

[2018] NSWMHRT 2: Mr Nichols (Catchwords: Time limited order, sentenced inmate and forensic patient )

[2018] NSWMHRT 3: Mr Lucas (Catchwords: Tim limited order, Tribunal's discretion, Principles for care and treatment)

[2018] NSWMHRT 4: Mr Omar (Catchwords: Unconditional release, serious endangerment, meaning of "the public")

[2018] NSWMHRT 5: Mr Powers (Catchwords: Involuntary patient review, less restrictive care)


[2017] NSWMHRT1: Mr Collie (Catchwords: Leave, Relevance of Minister's letter to medical superintendent, Delay to obtain legal advice, Expeditious implementation of Tribunal's orders)

[2017] NSWMHRT 2: Mr Draper (Catchwords: unconditional release)

[2017] NSWMHRT 3: Mr Ellis (Catchwords: no change, Forensic Hospital)

[2017] NSWMHRT 4: Mr Fanshaw (Catchwords: transfer to the Forensic Hospital) 

[2017] NSWMHRT 5: Mr Graham (Catchwords: conditional release from custody)

[2017] NSW MHRT 6: Mr Hogarth (Catchwords: no change in custody)

[2017] NSWMHRT 7: Mr Island (Catchwords: order to release from seclusion, unlawful detention, care and treatment)

[2017] NSWMHRT 8: Ms Jones (Catchwords: custody, transfer to specified mental health facility)

[2017] NSWMHRT 9: Mr Kelso (Catchwords: Implementation of leave, Unsupervised leave)


[2016] NSWMHRT1: Mr Bridges (Catchwords: revocation of Community Treatment Order, revoke CTO)


[2015] NSWMHRT1: Mr Peters (Catchwords: Voluntary patient, consent, discharge, guardianship)

[2015] NSWMHRT2: Mr Ong (Catchwords: Limiting term, Attorney General intervention, grant of adjournment)

[2015] NSWMHRT3: Mr Quick (Catchwords: Forensic Hospital, Escorted leave, Therapeutic Leave Policy)

[2015] NSWMHRT4: Mr Resinovic (Catchwords: Involuntary Patient, Attorney General intervention, participation of lawyers)

[2015] NSWMHRT5: Mr Stephens (Catchwords: Revocation of Financial Management Order, best interests)

[2015] NSWMHRT6: Mr Talbingo (Catchwords: conditional release, sufficient time in custody, nursing home)

[2015] NSWMHRT7: Mr Underwood (Catchwords: fitness to stand trial)

[2015] NSWMHRT8: Mr Valance (Catchwords: leave from a mental health facility)

[2015] NSWMHRT9: Mr Wales (Catchwords: ongoing detention in a mental health facility)

[2015] NSWMHRT11: Mr Yelland (Catchwords: fitness to stand trial)

[2015] NSWMHRT12: Mr Zorba (Catchwords: unconditional release)

[2015] NSWMHRT13: Mr Aloisi (Catchwords: Conditional release)


[2014] NSWMHRT1: Mr Hallam (Catchwords:Forensic Hospital, Time limited order, Escorted leave)

[2014] NSWMHRT2: Mr Ephram (2) (Catchwords: Fitness to stand trial, Not guilty by reason of mental illness)

[2014] NSWMHRT3: A. Prof Isaac & Prof Janzik (Catchwords: Consent to publish name)

[2014] NSWMHRT4: Ms Kerr & Ms Liu (Catchwords: Consent to publish name)

[2014] NSWMHRT5: Mr Naylor (Catchwords: Leave from a correctional centre)

[2014] NSWMHRT6: Mr Murray (Catchwords: Conditional release, nursing home)


 [2013] NSWMHRT1:  Mr Adams(Catchwords: Limiting term, sufficient time in custody, conditional release)

[2013] NSWMHRT2: Ms Croker (Catchwords: Forensic Hospital, escorted leave)

[2013] NSWMHRT3: Mr Farnham (Catchwords: Non-association order, Registered Victim, Escorted leave, Forensic Hospital)

[2013] NSWMHRT4: Mr Ban (Catchwords: Unconditional release, Non-citizen repatriation)

[2013] NSWMHRT5: Mr Dunlop (Catchwords: Limiting term, Conditional release)

[2013] NSWMHRT6: Mr Griffith (Catchwords: Classification, Limiting term)

[2013] NSWMHRT7: Mr Ephram (Catchwords: Consent to publish name)


[1999] NSWMHRT1: Ms S (Catchwords:mentally ill person, meaning of mental illness, anorexia nervosa)